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Kerr Dental

Kerr Dental


Kerr Dental has been serving the comprehensive needs of the dental care community in pursuit of enhancing oral health for 130 years. Individual Kerr brands are encompassed within the Restoratives, Endodontics, Prevention, Rotary, and Infection control product lines.


Kerr Restoratives 



Kerr offers comprehensive solutions for practically all direct and indirect procedures. From universal and bulk fill composites such as Herculite, SimpliShade, Harmoize and SonicFill (*) to smart resin cements such as Maxcem Elite, NX3 and Nexus Universal, and gold standard in adhesion with the OptiBond range. Kerr Restoratives come together to optimise your success. Plus, with Kerr’s Simplicity banner with three trusted brands they have one solution for simplifying your restoration workflow and inventory management. Zero compromise.
To find out more about the Simplicity workflow click here or download the brochure.

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Kerr Endo pride themselves on being your partner in delivering the best possible outcomes for your patients. From access products to shaping, TF Adaptive, Traverse and elements™e-motion, to filling with Tubli-Seal™, Sealapex™ and elements™ IC, Kerr Endo offers innovative products that can help you maximise success and improve clinical outcomes.

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Kerr Endodontics 


Kerr Prevention & Infection Control 



The Kerr Prevention range offers hygienists and dental assistants predictable results during prophylaxis procedures with the Cleanic™ range, as well as room preparation and turnover. From diagnosis to oral health, office organisation, instrument processing and surface disinfection products CaviCide™ and CaviWipes™, browse our full range to achieve a comprehensive approach to prevention.

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Discover Kerr's full range of dental burs to meet your instrumentation needs. Perfect your craft. Synchronise your technique. And assure good patient outcomes. Thanks to our versatile portfolio of rotary products including BluWhite Diamonds™ and JET Diamond™ Simplicity empowers you to get precise results — every time.

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Kerr Rotary 


Kerr Small Equipment 



Kerr offers a range of small equipment products including the Demi™ Plus curing light and elements™ e-motion and elements™ IC endodontic equipment. Their cordless product range options provide the freedom of movement to perform procedures anywhere, without restrictions. At Kerr Dental, you are sure to find the tool that is best suited for the needs of your dental practice or your patients.

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(*) SonicFill has been awarded the Pride Institutes “Best of Class” technology awards for the 5th consecutive year. The only product on the market to win the award 5 times. Demi Ultra has been awarded the Pride Institutes “Best of Class” technology awards for the 3rd consecutive year.