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GC: your provider for oral healthcare materials

GC: your provider for oral healthcare materials

GC manufactures approximately 600 different types of dental products and sells them in over 100 countries around the world. For over 25 years, they have been recognised by both dentists and dental technicians as a supplier of high quality, easy-to-use products that deliver excellent standards of clinical performance. 


They are committed to dentistry, producing continuous product development that adds value to customers and clinical outcomes. They are a leader in glass ionomer and glass hybrid technology and have many years of knowledge and research to become the market leader in this sector, and have also been key to advancements in the field of preventives, digital materials and fibre reinforced dental restoratives.  

In recent years, they have expanded their portfolio to include other strategic areas, such as innovative restorative systems and products in the field of aesthetic dentistry and minimum intervention. 

G-ænial® A’CHORD  - The advanced universal composite with unishade simplicity 

G-ænial® A’CHORD

Versatile universal composite with unishade simplicity


G-ænial A’CHORD is a universal composite restorative with a simplified unishade system and the latest addition to the G-ænial range. The composite is the culmination of 10 years of clinical success and represents the ideal balance of simplicity, aesthetics, and advanced technology in one product. 

shade guide

G-ænial A’CHORD offers dentists a versatile universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Thanks to its simplified unishade system, it achieves the aesthetics of the 16 classic Vita shades with its 5 core shades.

  • Simplified unishade system
  • Simplified handling
  • Natural fluorescence
  • Long lasting gloss
  • High stain and wear resistance

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Enter the world of fibre-reinforcement with everX


Fibre-reinforced composites have further increased the potential clinical uses of composites within restorative dentistry by increasing the treatment possibilities. everX Flow is a short-fibre reinforced flowable composite indicated for core-build up, and dentin replacement in direct restorations (in combination with a conventional composite as an enamel layer).

The thixotropic viscosity of everX Flow allows it to adapt perfectly to the cavity floor without any slumping – even when used in upper molars. This optimal consistency makes restorative treatments faster and easier. 

everX Flow covers all clinical needs in just two unique shades. The Bulk shade displays a depth of cure of 5.5mm and is perfect for deep cavities, or in places you want to speed up the treatment. The Dentin shade has a higher opacity and needs to be layered. The Dentin shade can be cured to 2mm in depth and is the best choice for aesthetic results. 

It is suitable for dentin replacement in large posterior cavities, deep cavities, endo-treated teeth, cavities with missing cusps, and after amalgam removal. 


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lisi block

Initial™ LiSi block

Lithium disilicate block for optimal indirect restorations


Initial™ LiSi Block is a fully crystallised lithium disilicate block that offers optimal physical properties without baking. This unique block is equipped with GC's proprietary HDM (High Density Micronization) technology for CAD/CAM dentistry, which provides high wear resistance, smooth and close-fitting edges and aesthetic end results.

Because of this, it is an ideal, time-saving solution for indirect restorations. The patient has a solution in just one sitting. 


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EQUIA Forte® HT - Bulk fill glass hybrid long term restorative system


Bulk fill glass hybrid long term restorative system

‘Time to go Hybrid’

Meet the restoration that crosses generations. Building on the success of the clinically proven EQUIA family, the EQUIA Forte HT is a strong, biocompatible, long-term bulk fill restorative system (fill & coat). The EQUIA Forte HT also has enhanced mechanical properties, excellent handling, and improved translucency. 

The unique glass hybrid technology has intelligent particle size distribution and a synergistic coat, which make EQUIA Forte HT’s restorative system a versatile and durable restorative solution. Because of this it is ideal for patients of all ages, including: paediatric, geriatric, high caries risk, and special care. 

Properties of EQUIA Forte HT:
  • Superior bulk material for Class I & II restorations
  • Amalgam replacement/alternative
  • EQUIA Forte Coat increases surface hardness and wear resistance
  • Moisture tolerant, no rubber dam needed
  • EQUIA Forte HT makes your posterior restoration more natural and aesthetic
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G-ænial® Universal Injectable - Self-adhesive resin cement 

G-ænial® Universal Injectable

Introducing the ideal composite for injection moulding.

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a universal restorative composite displaying exceptional strength and resistance for long-lasting aesthetic restorations.

Features of the G-ænial Universal Injectable:

  • Suitable for any cavity class without size limitation
  • Ideal material for Injection Moulding techniques
  • Fissure and hypersensitive area sealant
  • Doesn’t slump or string, enabling total control to adapt, shape and contour
  • Wide range of shades in three levels of translucency
  • Excellent polishability and gloss retention

See time lapse video for injection moulding technique here.

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G-CEM ONE - Self-adhesive resin cement 


Self-adhesive resin cement for a wide range of indications

G-CEM ONE, the self-adhesive resin cement from GC, has simplified all cementation procedures. G-CEM ONE combines high bond strength, effortless clean-up, and long-lasting aesthetics. It also has an excellent self-curing ability for a wide range of indications in just one product solution. 

As it is suitable in so many situations, G-CEM ONE offers clinicians a reduced inventory with fewer components for a reproducible workflow. G-CEM ONE gives peace of mind when it comes to adhesive requirements. 

Features of the G-CEM ONE:

  • Effective in all cementation procedures for any type of restorations, from metal-based to resin and all-ceramic inlays, on-lays, crowns, bridges, and posts
  • Optimal bond strength for retentive and non-retentive preparations thanks to the optional Adhesion Enhancing Primer (AEP)
  • Demonstrates excellent bond strength to enamel, dentine and all indirect restorations.
  • Comes in 4 stable shades: A2, Translucent, AO3, White Opaque
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G-Premio BOND - One-component light-cured universal adhesive 

G-Premio BOND

Light-cured universal adhesive with just one component

G-Premio BOND is a one-bottle universal bonding agent compatible with all etching modes. It can be used for direct bonding, but also for repair and hypersensitivity treatment. 

Moreover, GC has created this ease of use and versatility without any impact on the quality of the bond. 

G-Premio BOND comes with all the advantages of a universal adhesive, but without compromising on performance. Thanks to a unique combination of three functional monomers (4-MET, MDP, and MDTP), G-Premio BOND can give a top performance in all situations. 

Properties of the G-Premio BOND: 

  • Extremely thin film thickness (3µm) and strong bonding layer with high filler content
  • Dentine tubules either remain closed or are sealed by the adhesive, preventing sensitivity regardless of the use of etching or not
  • One bottle for many uses and excellent handling with optimal wettability and long working time
  • Economical dispensing with 300 drops per bottle
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