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Confident Smile Makeover

Confident Smile Makeover

A Confident Smile Makeover combines the three areas of the smile makeover workflow to maximise the quality of your treatment. It is a non-AGP activity that enables you to fully transform your patients' smiles, considering all areas of aesthetics, whilst allowing you to correct any structural issues in the dentition simultaneously.
Why should I offer this to my patients?

Bundling cosmetic treatments together is attractive to patients as they will be able to achieve a stunning smile in one treatment process. This will allow costs to be reduced but also increase potential revenue for you. The Confident Smile Makeover also incorporates an aligner system that uses fewer to no attachments in most cases and is less likely to stain or discolour, while maximising patient comfort and aesthetics during treatment.
Straighten with Reveal® Clear Aligners

Reveal® Clear Aligners offer a new solution for general practitioners and orthodontists to provide reliable orthodontic treatment to their patients that is both comfortable and aesthetic. With in-office implementation support and access to an array of unique marketing services, Reveal can help dentists compete against direct-to-consumer aligner companies and grow their practices.

How are Reveal clear aligners different?
  • Made from the crystal-clear ClearWear™ material for true invisibility and less likely to stain or discolour over time
  • No or fewer attachments needed in most cases, unlike other providers, reducing patient chair time and close patient contact
  • Aligners are trimmed at the optimised height for maximum contact between the aligner and the soft tissue, to ensure a better grip in the mouth

Restore with CompoSite

CompoSite from White Dental Beauty provides the perfect colour palette for restoring white smiles; meeting the modern demands of patients for impressive and affordable smile design. With five shades of white, this globally acclaimed system simplifies the restoration process, resulting in beautiful long-term aesthetics.

Why use CompoSite
  • Whether you prefer working with syringes or a compule gun, we have a CompoSite system to suit your needs
  • Offers excellent working time, high wear resistance, excellent handling and a glass-like finish.
  • Two flowable shades available, including Masque to mask our darker shades and Multiflow for base/lining, class 5’s, building up or cementing
Whiten with White Dental Beauty

Delight your patients with White Dental Beauty, a globally recognised brand that provides innovative, high quality, clinically reinforced dental products.

Why use White Dental Beauty
  • Produced using NOVON®, an enhanced formula that delivers improved whitening results over less treatment time
  • Contain an active sensitivity management formula, along with a mild gel for sensitive teeth
  • Designed to be used by patients at home, which saves you valuable chair time and gives your patients an easy, convenient method to whiten their smiles
  • Visible results can be seen in less than a week!

Run a Confident Smile Makeover event at your practice!

Let your patients experience a new smile by running a Confident Smile Makeover event.  Invite your patients in for a free consultation and let them see how you can transform their smile.

Our Events Pack supplies everything you will need in order to market your event.

Once you have connected to our Reveal lab on DDX, your Reveal Sales Specialist will send you our event pack - containing all the materials that you will need in order to run a successful Confident Smile Makeover event in your practice.  Complete with images, sample website text, ideas for social media and more, plus a handy guide to help you through the planning process, step by step.

Ask us about our events pack

PLUS: Try a digital intraoral scanner before you buy - ask one of our digital specialists to attend your event with a TRIOS or Primescan intraoral scanner and see how easy and convenient digital impressions can be, as well as how they improve the patient experience.

Find out more about intraoral scanners

Create your Confident Smile Makeover package

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*Case must be accepted and submitted for manufacture in the DDX portal for the free White Dental Beauty kits to be despatched.