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W&H Surgical

When it comes to surgical solutions for implantology and oral surgery, you need a manufacturer you can trust. With over 120 years in the dental industry, W&H has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality dental products. 

Drawing on extensive experience in implantology and oral surgery, W&H have developed a range of innovative solutions designed to make your workflow smoother, more efficient, and more effective. 

Learn more about the workflow-driven solution for oral surgery and experience the W&H difference today.


Osstell Beacon

Supported by over 1,200 scientific studies, the Osstell Beacon, helps make dental implant treatment more predictable.  Osstell is the non-invasive, easy to use way to help you to objectively determine implant stability and assess the progress of osseointegration, based on qualifiable data, without jeopardising the healing process.  It allows the practitioner to:

Provide accurate, consistent and qualifiable data
Manage patients with risk factors, making treatment more effective
Avoid unnecessarily long treatment time thereby improving efficiency
Achieve more predictable outcomes giving peace of mind and reliability

The probe magnetically takes a reading from the SmartPeg mounted on the implant without touching it. Using a state-of-the-art user interface via app and Osstell Connect Data Management data can be recorded using a PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

The Osstell Beacon is the quick, non-invasive way to measure and evaluate implant stability.


Osstell Beacon

Osstell Beacon and Implantmed

Implantmed SI-1023

The SI-1023 Implantmed Surgical Motor offers a range of innovative features, including a modular system for ultimate upgradeability.  It is an efficient, versatile partner with cutting-edge functionality to meet the needs of every modern oral surgeon and implantologist.  The Implantmed SI-1023 offers exceptional power and ease of use amongst many other benefits, including:

Ergonomic, ultra-short, lightweight motor with 6.2 Ncm torque
Precise torque control which can be adjusted from 5 to 80 Ncm, facilitating high safety standards when inserting implants
Flexible speed range between 200 - 40,000 rpm
Automatic thread cutting function
Wireless foot control – enhances flexibility with the ability to control multiple W&H devices 
The intuitive touch screen is user-friendly with a sleek glass surface 

For a complete surgical solution, you can enjoy total flexibility by integrating:
The Piezomed piezo surgery module for a complete solution. This innovative system that utilises ultrasound technology for advanced bone cutting.


Introducing the Osstell Beacon

Introducing the Implantmed Plus