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An efficient Handpiece Repair Service from Henry Schein Dental

Using genuine manufacturer parts or generic parts, Henry Schein Dental's handpiece and small equipment repair service, Pro-repair, helps to ensure handpieces run smoother, cooler and longer.

Henry Schein Dental tracks each repair from acceptance to despatch, and all repairs are undertaken by trained and experienced technicians. The first step is an assessment of the instrument against its design performance and that of the latest upgrades and specifications.

Every instrument is allocated a unique bar code and its digital image is attached to each job, allowing simplified progress tracking and accurate responses to customers' queries. Before any work is carried out on an instrument a quotation is sent to the customer. This is done via telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS or post. Only when the figure has been accepted will the work proceed.

Henry Schein Dental takes every precaution to minimise damage when returning an item to the customer - all instruments are packed in strong, plastic tubes.

Henry Schein Dental makes every effort to ensure that each job is completed quickly and efficiently, supporting the aim of returning the handpiece to the customer on the same day it arrives.

Henry Schein Dental holds an impressive stock of manufacturers parts to minimise potential delays, but very occasionally a specific part is required which must be outsourced. In this event, the customer is kept up-to date with his repair's progress.

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