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Isolite's continuous suction can reduce aerosols by as much as 90%
Use Continuous Suction to Reduce Aerosols and Spatter in Dental Procedures

When aerosols are created by high-speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, and other instruments, the "spray" not only carries particles of water but also bacteria, viruses, blood, and saliva. These aerosols can contain up to 100,000 bacteria per cubic foot of air. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself, the patient, and your staff is to reduce airborne particles with continuous suction.

When compared to the performance of a rubber dam plus an HVE, or an HVE alone, studies show that the Isolite is more effective in reducing the amount of airborne particles, helping decrease Dentists, DAs, and hygienists exposure to bacteria and airborne pathogens.


These studies show that the Isolite significantly reduces aerosol and spatter, decreasing your exposure to airborne contaminants. Ninety percent of aerosols can be removed with proper suction, and the Isolite’s continuous high volume evacuation performs better than the use of a rubber dam with an HVE and an HVE alone. 

In addition, the Isolite continues to outpace other isolation methods in a number of areas. Other studies have shown that with the Isolite…

  • • Sealant procedures go up to 25% faster 
  • • Sealants are 95% intact at 12 months
  • • You can reduce chair time by 48%
  • • You can increase patient satisfaction by 69%


“I’ve worked without an assistant, using an Isolite, not just for having it as an extra set of hands, but also for evacuating aerosols which is incredibly important at this time.” -  Dr. Laskin

“With conscious sedation, it's extremely important that we protect our airway. That's one of the main reasons that I use the Isolite, not only because I am protecting that airway, but also it makes me be more efficient since I can be working on two quadrants at the same time.” - Dr. Ana Vazquez

The Isovac

The Isovac is ideal for hygiene operatories and connects directly onto your existing HVE coupler.

An “assistant” for your dental hygienist, Isovac® is a dental isolation adapter that connects onto existing HVE coupler. It was designed to isolate two quadrants at once, simultaneously providing tongue and cheek retraction, along with continuous suction—allowing you to control moisture and humidity throughout the oral cavity. All while improving patient management, safety, and comfort.


Features and benefits:

Dental isolation adaptor for isolating two quadrants at once while simultaneously providing tongue retraction and continuous suction.

  • • Strong, ultra-lightweight control head assembly constructed of easy-to-clean autoclavable polymer.
  • • Dual vacuum controls allow you to focus continuous hands-free vacuum suction in either quadrant for better control of moisture and oral humidity. 
  • • The unit provides continuous isolation, retraction, and suction, you will not require an assistant to be in the mouth evacuating liquid and debris.
    • Requires no alterations to the chair or engineer’s visit – it’s ready to go



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    Isovac 3 pack + 3 boxes of mouth pieces (worth £30.30/box, 10 mouthpieces/box)*



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    Isovac  Single Pack + 1 box of mouth pieces (worth £30.30/box, 10 mouthpieces/box)*



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    The Isolite 2

    Introducing the advanced technology of the Isolite 2 -- the future of dental isolation. Now with a brighter white light, and a true non-curing amber light.

    This is the isolation solution you’ve been waiting for. The new Isolite 2 dental isolation system allows you to quickly and easily implement a standard protocol for consistent outcomes in your procedures. Achieve better visibility and moisture control, improve efficiency and clinical results, while ensuring patient safety and comfort. Faster, better and safer

    Providing unparalleled control of the oral environment through improved visibility, oral humidity control, and minimising the chance of accidental contamination. The new Isolite 2 also offers brighter illumination in both white light and true amber, a robust head design and a smart adapter that allows you to keep your existing HVE line along with the Isolite 2.

    In a randomised control study of paediatric patients with high caries risk, 95% of sealants placed with the Isolite were intact at 12 months compared to 78% of sealants placed with the cotton roll method. In addition to providing comfortable isolation, the Isolite reduces moisture and humidity so that the sealant bonding material can reach the cracks and crevices of the tooth and dry effectively. You also get illumination (in both bright white and non-curing amber) so that you’re able to see everything clearly and apply the sealant accurately.   

    “One thing that I love about [the Isolite] is the kids don't taste the etch or the sealant and get upset, so it helps the procedure go much faster.” - Misti Pratt, DDS

    Features and benefits

    Illuminated dental isolation system giving total control of the oral environment: keeps the patient's mouth open with tongue and cheek retracted.
    • Hands-free vacuum suction and brilliant intraoral illumination.
    • Mouthpieces improve visibility and oral access while providing control of moisture and oral humidity, significantly reducing sources of contamination.
    • Mouthpieces have been specifically designed and engineered to accommodate every patient.
    • Isolates two quadrants simultaneously.
    • The unit provides continuous isolation, retraction, and suction, you will not require an assistant to be in the mouth evacuating liquid and debris.




    Offer Price


    Isolite + 3 boxes of mouth pieces (worth £30.30/box, 10 mouthpieces/box)*

    £1,985.77 (plus installation)

    £1899.00 (plus installation

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    * Choose mouthpiece size (Paediatric/S/M/Mdv/L) and add to your order.