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White Dental Beauty

White Dental Beauty


Global leaders in professional tooth whitening systems, recognised for high quality gels with clinically proven results.


Delight your patients with White Dental Beauty, a globally recognised brand which provides innovative, high quality, clinically reinforced dental products.


Why use White Dental Beauty?
When you choose one of White Dental Beauty’s professional tooth whitening systems you are selecting the only gels backed by NOVON® technology. The outcome? Improved whitening results over less treatment time. Not only this, but White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels contain an active sensitivity management formula, along with a unique mild gel for sensitive teeth. Alongside eco-friendly packaging, bespoke branding and practice support; White Dental Beauty gels provide the ultimate tooth whitening solution!

  • Enhanced Whitening: Our gels contain NOVON patented formula for optimum whitening effect
  • Mild: The unique 5% CP formula which incorporates Novon, enables the same results as a standard 10% CP gel, but with overall less sensitivity.
  • Superior Stability: You can store all our products for up to 24 months between temperatures of 2 – 24C
  • Greater Patient Compliance: With Novon teeth can be whitened quickly and effectively in reduced time frame for greater patient compliance
  • Global Accreditation: White Dental Beauty gels are exclusively accredited and educated by StyleItaliano, with dozens of cases studies and clinical research to support the results.
  • High profit revenue


NOVON® Technology

White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels have a variety of different strengths, all powered by NOVON® – a whitening compound that delivers improved whitening results over less treatment time.

NOVON® has a unique inherent feature in that, on application, it produces a “pH jump” into the alkaline pH range. This “pH jump” enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions for a faster whitening effect. NOVON® containing gels can therefore produce a similar whitening effect within a shorter time frame, in comparison to whitening using a regular gel. Alternatively, within the same time frame, a similar level of whitening can be achieved with a lower inclusion level of NOVON® (Hyland et al, 2014). This should be an advantage to patients with sensitive teeth.

In addition to the enhanced whitening effect, a further advantage of NOVON® containing gels is their superior stability characteristics over a 24 month test period at a storage temperature of 2 – 24°C.


White Dental Beauty




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WDB Strips 

Introducing the White Dental Beauty Professional Dissolving Whitening Strips P3 with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide


Developed to work quickly and effectively to deliver professional grade whitening in the convenience of a strip your patients can wear anytime, anywhere.

Through a unique combination of phosphates which accelerates the whitening process, meaning wear time is as little as 15 minutes!*

The White Dental Beauty Professional Dissolving Strips are easy to apply and the perfect addition to the White Dental Beauty family. The Strips are offering your patients more freedom to whiten and refresh their smiles, especially post whitening treatment for maintenance & top up or as an entry level whitening option.

  • Convenient & instant whitening: Fast and simple application to fit in with oral health regime.
  • Universal fit: Strip adapts to teeth to fit 99% of smiles, for both upper and lower teeth.
  • Easy to apply and fits securely to the teeth: There is no messy residue or plastic strips to remove.
  • Invisible and dissolvable: Unnoticeable & mess free, these strips can be worn anytime leaving the mouth clean & refreshed.
  • Triple action formula: Whitens the teeth from within, removes surface stains & freshens breath.
  • Hydrostatic action: Adheres to teeth on contact with moisture, allowing it to adapt & mould to the surface of each tooth with optimum contact.
  • Vegan product: Does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.


Delight your patients in just 3 steps:


WDB Strips


The White Dental Beauty CompoSite Story

In April 2019, Optident proudly introduced their new addition to the White Dental Beauty family; a revolutionary CompoSite system to give patients the smile they desire, using affordable and repeatable techniques.

The launch event, saw internationally-renowned speakers and StyleItaliano members, Professor Louis Hardan, Dr Walter Devoto, Dr Monaldo Saracinelli and Dr Murad Akhundov present to a packed room of enthusiastic delegates about the features and benefits of this new restorative system.

If you missed out on the event, or simply want to know more; here’s the story behind the whitening restorative system that everyone’s talking about:

What is StyleItaliano?

StyleItaliano is more than a group of dentists or a technique – it is better described as an ideas factory, a philosophy, an education project,research group, circle of lecturers, website and a Facebook community with around 200,000 followers.

The group was founded by Dr Walter Devoto and Dr Angelo Putignano and has developed, among many other things:
  • Numerous restorative techniques
  • High-end products in collaboration with different companies
  • Many clinical and research papers
  • An innovative training centre in the beautiful landscape of Portofino in Italy.

Every project is based on friendship, hard work and inclusivity. Beauty is created by simplicity and backed by science. Dedicated to feasible, teachable and repeatable dentistry, StyleItaliano are proud to bring innovation to the dental profession.


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