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White Dental beauty CompoSite

White Dental beauty CompoSite

The White Dental Beauty CompoSite Story

In April 2019, Optident proudly introduced their new addition to the White Dental Beauty family; a revolutionary CompoSite system to give patients the smile they desire, using affordable and repeatable techniques.

The launch event, saw internationally-renowned speakers and StyleItaliano members, Professor Louis Hardan, Dr Walter Devoto, Dr Monaldo Saracinelli and Dr Murad Akhundov present to a packed room of enthusiastic delegates about the features and benefits of this new restorative system.

If you missed out on the event, or simply want to know more; here’s the story behind the whitening restorative system that everyone’s talking about:

White Dental Beauty CompoSite

White Dental Beauty CompoSite

White Dental Beauty CompoSite has been developed to satisfy increasing patient demand for whiter smiles, designed to restore healthy smiles in every day practice. Accredited and educated by StyleItaliano.

It is a dedicated restorative system of modified shades & materials based on over 25 years of experience and research through over 200k members within the StyleItaliano community. Offering a simple, time efficient, predictable treatment which is minimally invasive and affordable.

Traditionally smile makeovers have often been expensive and time consuming, such as porcelain veneers that require multiple visits, lab work and technique sensitive bonding procedures.

The White Dental Beauty CompoSite colour palette comprises of 5 high value shades of white (Si 0, 0.5, 1,2,3) with the optimum graduation in colour to compliment bleached teeth, importantly the introduction of Si0.5 has been developed to bridge the current shade gap between 1 & 0 which is often too wide. The vibrant white smiles patients are seeking can be achieved in a single layer and character can be further enhanced by finishing with a very thin layer of universal enamel (0.5mm) which adds vitality and youth to the restorations with opalescence qualities.

This is an ideal system for direct composite smile makeovers, as well as individual restorations in the anterior and posterior.

The CompoSite system consists of the following:

  • SiE – This enamel shade has been designed to blend flawlessly with all the Si universal shades, featuring a calibrated translucency and opalescence properties. It is ideal for a two-layer technique and for simply characterising the incisal edge.
  • SiM & SiMP – These two flowable shades each provide different benefits. SiM uses an opaque light resin, instantly camouflaging the shade of the tooth and providing a neutral base for immediate restorative work. SiMP is a multipurpose flowable, which can be used for base/lining, Class 5’s, post and core build-up and to cement veneers or overlays.
  • SiP - This posterior composite is homogenous in colour, it has a light scattering- universal opacity and is mimetic with the tooth, allowing this single shade to be the solution for the vast majority of posterior restorations. It has a high filler content of 80% and is designed specifically to work with the Fast Modelling Technique (FMT), carving effortlessly and simplifying occlusal anatomy substantially with ample working time under ambient light. It is wear resistant and is very fast to polish for a quick and simple aesthetic result.

CompoSite has been developed with optimum viscosity, resulting in excellent handling and a non-sticky consistency that is ideal for modelling and shaping. CompoSite also offers high polishability, allowing restorations to become invisible with natural fluorescence and high colour stability resulting in beautiful long-term aesthetics

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Below: A video preview of StyleItaliano member Monaldo Saracinelli's case using White Dental Beauty CompoSite for his study 'Direct Anterior Composite No prep Shape Modification'. Read his amazing case study using White Dental Beauty CompoSite in full here.

What Makes White Dental Beauty CompoSite Special?

  • It is a sophisticated restorative system and the preferred solution for direct composite restorations & smile makeovers.
  • In line with the StyleItaliano philosophy, it enables practitioners to bring more simplicity and predictability to procedures; making better use of time and money.
  • Offering ‘five shades of white’, the dedicated system compliments bleaching cases and can be used as a single layer and a dual layer with one universal enamel.
  • The composite system also includes a posterior for fast modelling for the majority of composite restorations. It boasts one shade which is homogenous in colour and is a one syringe solution for posterior restorations.
  • It includes a dedicated educational support package from StyleItaliano to support with your development, in addition to educational courses and online education.
  • It features two Intelligent flowables with ideal viscosity for class V, core build-up, base layer and masking dark teeth

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What is StyleItaliano?

LogoStyleItaliano is more than a group of dentists or a technique – it is better described as an ideas factory, a philosophy, an education project,research group, circle of lecturers, website and a Facebook community with around 200,000 followers.

The group was founded by Dr Walter Devoto and Dr Angelo Putignano and has developed, among many other things:
  • Numerous restorative techniques
  • High-end products in collaboration with different companies
  • Many clinical and research papers
  • An innovative training centre in the beautiful landscape of Portofino in Italy.
Every project is based on friendship, hard work and inclusivity. Beauty is created by simplicity and backed by science. Dedicated to feasible, teachable and repeatable dentistry, StyleItaliano are proud to bring innovation to the dental profession.